Don’t Feed The Breastfeeding Trolls

Trolling the #lactivist hashtag as one would, I enjoy lending my support by “liking” photos posted by other breastfeeding supporters. Mind you that not all posts are by mothers or supporters of feeding babies so you’ll get a few stragglers, haters, and sometimes perverts. There is always one person, who will troll with their unsolicited opinion about breastfeeding (in public, especially) and I have zero qualms about sharing how their opinion is unwarranted.

On this trolling night, I spotted a user arguing that breastfeeding in public makes him uncomfortable because he can’t “piss in public” therefore a breastfeeding woman shouldn’t have her breasts out in public. Well, that just is illogical and irrelevant to how breastfeeding actually works or sanctioned. Many states have laws in place where a breastfeeding mother is exempt from public indecency laws. In short, breastfeeding is protected in places where the mother is allowed to be there so pretty much anywhere.

Forget the laws and screw the “warrants” I would need in public: My Baby is Hungry And My Baby Will Eat. It is of my high opinion that anybody bothered or uncomfortable by a hungry baby eating is either staring too long or have personal issues not related to owner or child(ren) latched on said breasts. Any argument against breastfeeding in public is another classic example of “this is not a me-problem but a you-problem.” My hungry baby feeding does not affect, harm, change, thwart, or confuse anybody else’s immediate environment for the worse unless that uncomfortable person chooses to let it. It’s a baby eating just like if we were at home, in the parked car, at the park, anytime, anywhere.

I now regret playing into his little game because I vengefully put him on blast when he attacked me and now he verbally confessed a very explicit act on children so I really feel sorry for such an unhappy life. I hope he gets the help he needs and I should have just left it at my first argument: nursing in public breastfeeding meme Have you ever regrettably fed the breastfeeding trolls?

17 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Breastfeeding Trolls

  1. So, I googled him and he’s supposedly in law school. I think it’s important to tell someone about his comments. Lives could seriously be at stake.

  2. I never gave in before because I have no calm. lol I just don’t go there with people I don’t know. The people who do know me have either been inspired or no better than to give me their negative two sense. I will shut you down so fast.

  3. Oh my! I was stalking your IG and saw that troll! It got me upset for him to be talking to you like that. But then why didn’t want to waste my time like for any other anti breast feeding troll. You continue on girl!
    From another Laotian momma

  4. I breastfeed my baby in public and never regret. So he bothered looking at women breast while breastfeeding but doesn’t have any problem looking at topless women sun bathing at the beach? Ah, screw him! x))

    Anyway, I used to be your silent reader but this post just make me want to shout something because here in Indonesia, sometime people will stare at you when you breastfeed in public without apron. Or moreover they will ask you to go to toilet (if there’s no nursery room) to breastfeed your baby. Pfth!

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