Year 2013 In Review: Naked Babywearing June and Eye-Pad November

Laos is 15 hours ahead so they are celebrating the New Year already. It may be New Year but it is not Lao New Year, which is arguably the biggest celebration in the culture. The days-long holiday begins on the last day of the year, April 13th and drinking, merriment, and super-soaking commence. Water resembles the act of renewal in order to reflect in the new year. I guess you’d say it’s really no different than the Western New Year: party, drink, super-soaked in the bar club from creeper sweat to really take inventory to what is your 22-year-old life. Long gone are the club sweat days for me! I gave up the creeper life but chose the good things about new year celebrations: reflecting on year’s past and new year’s future.

I am both a genius and shitty blogger: full of ideas but lack the time. I enjoy documenting my journey in this crunchy life to my little biracial brood but this brood sucks the life out of me. I have never been a lovey-dovey mom blogger so this is where I’m taking the antithesis to the next level. Before I take get to that, here are some top and forgotten moments from the past year from our family to yours!

Year in review { }

or more wrong, in my case.

January: I was 36 weeks pregnant and was turrified of it. No, not my easy-breezy pregnancy but the child that would soon come out. I felt so bad for Humnoy and I vowed that I would try my best to still be his mom as best I could. I may or may not have turned to Netflix for some help this year to do that.

February: 40 weeks and 2 days, our little gender-surprise baby came known to be Lanoy, which means “last little.” She was born on February 5th in our bathtub and we became a family of four just like that.

March: Humnoy turned the big 2.0 and was still nursing. He really loved riding his bicycle (and helmet, of course) during the nice weather. You can see him in his cycling glory here as well: tandem cyclist!

April: The hardest time after a baby is born is the first few months. Breastfeeding around the clock is hard enough and throw in a still-nursing toddler in the mix and it is difficult-as-shit to the nth degree. You can see how I truly fail at this mom-of-two life here: big brother-little sister love.

May: Humnoy is such a social child and he loved meeting up with his “big kid” friends at our apartment community’s playground. We had a run-in with a bully but they became fast friends after bonding over a Batman costume. Lest us not forget my run-in with a helicopter parent here.

June: There was a legit heat advisory for Seattle this summer. It was so hot here that it shut down streets. It was also so damn hot here that it made me a shitty attachment parent. Lanoy was miserable during this heat wave and so was I because babywearing in 90+ degree weather is ridiculous. What did I do? I took both our shirts off and popped that ergo back on (and made sure to stay inside).

July: The only relief for that darned heat was our community pool. Humnoy, the child who was not born in water, loved going to the pool. The child, who was born in water, was “meh” about the pool. I can count the number of times we actually frequented the pool on one hand because Hum threw the biggest tantrum one night when I wanted to go home at 9:30 pm. Horrible mother.

August: On a random whim, GH and I decided to do a family outing other than air-conditioned malls. I am not a camping gal at all (why would I want to act poor aside from having been poor?) so we rented a yurt. It’s like camping but with a circular cabin and not like camping because you’re in a yurt. It was a lot of fun but bedtime sucked.

yurt sleeping with kids

September: When I had that gnarly clogged milk duct, I took care of it by doing these super graceful methods to relieve plugged ducts. I will warn you: the one position requiring you to be on your knees is an open call for toddlers to climb on you.

October: Then there was that one time where we went to the pumpkin patch and bought a 20+ pound pumpkin and never carved that bastard. It was also the same time where I made the mistake of trying to get an obligatory pumpkin patch picture of my family:

awkward pumpkin patch


November: This month highlights when Humnoy was pretty obsessed with feminine hygiene products. Well at least the adhesive kind.

December: We got the first and only snowfall so far this year on the last day of the first month I started working outside the home! It is only part-time but I am grateful I can work on days GH is home. Can you say “no daycare please?”

What was your favorite parenting moment of 2013?

3 thoughts on “Year 2013 In Review: Naked Babywearing June and Eye-Pad November

  1. I have trouble remembering things from a week ago, so my year in review is going to be blank. I have vowed to go back to daily journal writing. Happy new year to you and your little family.

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