Warning: Drunken Blogging and Social Media Hastiness Ahead

I guess the third time is the charm because it has taken two other previous thoughts to finally commit to what I did today. The first time was when the whole gross baby role-play ordeal and I felt guilty, gross, and guilty-gross. The second time was when I felt a little betrayed by my chosen close-kit community accounts. This last and final time was just a whim and I finally did it. I deleted my Instagram account. No, any and all alcohol occurred after said hastiness. I am now only down to one obsessive form of social media, my twitter (for now), because I also despise Facebook.

I just did it and I’m completely okay with it. Ironic as it sounds, I did not feel connected even though I was on it all the time. I fell into the cycle as a narcissistic Instagram parent and crashed from the 15 seconds of shoutout fame and then I was done. I did not feel that same sense of community I did when Instagram was new, fresh and I truly got to “know” people. I felt bad for going public again after justifying it as a display for all the window shoppers. Ya know, the users who do not follow you but like basically all your pictures. All for a bit of ego and smugness on fucking INSTAGRAM? Please. I ain’t shit.

I miss the dearly departed ones so much. You know who you are. I hope you stay connected with me regardless of online platform. No, I did not delete anybody; I just deleted my account.

I have had a vodka tonic and 1/4 of a lukewarm pale ale. God help us all.

**Update** By publish time, I went back for that ale and drank 1/4 more.

I love you, man.

43 thoughts on “Warning: Drunken Blogging and Social Media Hastiness Ahead

  1. Sad to see you go but I don’t blame you one bit. It can feel like a ‘community’ but also like a bit of a fake friends creepathon. I’m ‘cool’ with all my mom followers but don’t feel like we need to be best friends and to love each other. One of my mutuals took a screen shot of my new baby and posted it on her own feed. Weird. I wouldn’t even expect my best friend to do that.
    Ps can I have some beer? 😝

  2. I see can it with FB but Instagram! In all, you need to do what you need to do. I feel like I’m out of the loop with twitter as I don’t tweet or keep up with the conversation:/

  3. I noticed and understand. I may suddenly decide one day because I too go back and forth between the guilt and ego. The baby role play is just as disgusting as people who constantly visit your account but do not follow. It’s even more creepy when they never like a picture.

  4. Aw! Sad, but to be honest, I think about deleting mine ALL THE TIME! Luckily I follow your blog and love it so ill stay connected. I don’t know if you remember but you emailed me about nursing through pregnancy, and although I’m not pregnant yet (still nursing my 18 mo) you totally helped and made me feel less guilty about wanting another and made me feel like if I do get pregnant and I’m nursing, it will be fine!! Ha. Thank you and we will keep in touch!

  5. I don’t tweet, yo. But I’ll check your blog for updates on you, da GH, and dem boys. Savannah and I thought you got deleted. I’m much happier that you deleted yourself.

  6. Sad to see you go! But luckily I get email updates when you update so I’ll stay updated on your awesomeness. Also, you made me want wine (and this preggo never wants wine).

    Stay classy mama!

  7. Yeeeaaah… I’m not ok with you being gone… I mean who else is going to post funny shit at 2am??? Or posting at 2am at all?!? I’ll def keep stalking the blog, and I too get the email notifications… but it’s so not the same… 😭

  8. But seriously though, did you really had to delete your Instagram?! Can’t you just be like the other awesome moms, that when you get drunk you just IG direct sexy selfies to me?!

  9. You will be missed! But its totally understandable, i cracked down on sharing my life with the internet when a friends baby blog got trolled after her baby died. I make sure i really feel like i can trust someone before letting them add me. Which is why i have more requests then actual followers/friends. I just cant seem to feel comfortable sharing everything with everyone. I imagine its even harder when you have such a large amount of followers! Ill miss the lolz, but im sure we’ll keep in touch somehow in the websphere!

  10. Okay so I’m late. Just a few days, at least. I just freaking left your husband a comment on of his IG photos asking for you. I obviously need you. Obviously. I’m like going to start using my tweet thing just to keep you close. Lol I mean how can I not. You dreamt of me remember? “Sleepover tandem nursing” hello? Lol any who. I also have been considering deleting my fb and instagram. I’m starting to feel like it makes me a shitty mom sometimes. Okay… often. All the time I waste on social media I could be spending sorting socks or something. Or learning how to cook. Some thing other than tacos and spaghetti. Any who. I will tweet soon.

  11. I went searching for you and you were gone!!! But, I get it. Mackenzie successfully fucked my phone screen and I’m contemplating not even getting a new one because that shit is SO ADDICTIVE. Everyone is better off when the phone is off. Miss you sweet cheeks. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

  12. I wondered where you went! I enjoy reading your blog and IG was the reminder for me to have a look! I had a baby boy in October! Complete natural labor (only 4hours!)….loved reading your birth stories and you were an inspiration to me the second time around! Trying to keep in touch!
    Krista Feagan

    • Hi Krista, so happy to hear from you! Congrats on your baby boy! That means so much to me for you taking the time to let me know you enjoyed me sharing that experience with you. You don’t know how much that makes me feel very happy to be connected with you!

  13. I miss you 😦 next time I’m up south I’m going to be searching for you at every random grocery store and gas station. At least I can stalk you here!

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