What Should I Do If I Leave The Worst Tip Possible? {POLL}

Good on ya, Gramps.

The day’s perk I looked most forward to was definitely hitting up Denny’s for my free Grand Slam Breakfast. I also realized my birthday fell on Denny’s “Kids Eat Free” day and I called, confirmed it was true that I could 1) Bring in valid ID to get a Free Grand Slam and 2) Kids eat free from 4-10. I was for sure going to be there with bells on from 4-10 pm. Of course, when I get there solo with two little kids, I notice the teeny tiny print that the Kids Promo is valid only through the purchase of an adult entree of $4 or more. So, that’s not what the dude said on the phone and it just gets more annoying for everyone.

I know Denny’s isn’t some hottie tottie palace of foodie haven but it’s still an eating establishment with good workers and honest patrons. I respect that and just made a plan to pay for the kids’ meals since I’m getting $8 of my bill free. After some notable horrendous service including asking for stupid crayons for the fourth time to appease the trampoline toddler in the booth and banshee baby in the chair, I finally made my way up to the server to request my check because the last time I saw her was plate delivery. The kids played, they ate, they were also ready to go. The check had the kids meals as free but the birthday meal charge. I hand the cashier my drivers license while redirecting a toddler and holding a 20-ton baby-child, who is a bolter.

Between the toddler whining for money to feed the stupid, stupid Claw Machine and a baby who wants to run into the Denny’s kitchen, I’m trying to listen to the cashier as he lectures me that my birthday comp usually should not cover the kids promo, which I admittedly knew since the fine print but am shocked anyway. He did me a solid by saying “this birthday” will be free but next year, I won’t be so lucky as I try to distract Humnoy from his favorite Disney character in the plush toy pit. I escort the kids out in the wind and rain and make it home safe. Phew. Birthday accomplished, I’d say! Kinda.

We bounce into our home and I get interrogated with “Did you tip the server?” by GH.



My kids and I enjoyed a free meal and I did not think to do the basic 20 15% and tip the staff, as shitty as they were! This may sound like I forgot on purpose but honestly forgot not on purpose! I felt so bad and insisted we need to go back and anonymously drop off some cash… but to whom? Which shift? Would they even welcome me back into there? I didn’t catch either of their names because I only saw them once at our table. I really have never done this and feel really, really bad and basically:

What’s your tipping rule?

9 thoughts on “What Should I Do If I Leave The Worst Tip Possible? {POLL}

  1. The only person I would feel bad about not tipping would be the guy who “did you a solid” 😉 Otherwise, by the sounds of it, I wouldn’t have left a very nice tip anyway. Don’t worry, it’ll be ok, besides they won’t remember you by your next b-day! 🙂

  2. Not at a restaurant, but I forgot to tip a hair stylist. They were cutting my 9 year old’s hair when he was 4. He had sensory issues and a horrible haircutting experience that traumatized him. It took me and two others to hold him down. His hair was so bad that they refused to charge me. He screamed and cried and customers left. I was so frazzled I forgot to tip them. When I remembered, I went back and gave them a huge tip and again apologized for forgetting and our experience.

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