3 Stories To Make You A Crying Seahawks Fan

Living and working in the literal Home of the Seahawks, who train in the second-largest facility in the NFL that is less than four miles away from our house, I think I am the only person who is not crazed one bit. I had never been into football because I am a huge wuss and it looks super violent. That and the fact that cheerleaders only make less than $1000 a year.

At home, GH is the sports fanatic and it drives me crazy. I do not and cannot understand how yelling at the screen will change the course or magically alter the fate of the game. How the fuck can they even hear you? I have asked him to leave me alone the entire day a sports event is anticipated to take over like the Super Bowl or any other day from Fall to Spring. At work, I constantly get asked where is my Seahawks jersey or if I will be watching the game and I’m usually just chilling on Spirit Day Celebration like:

My entire home state is crazy over their NFL team but I just do not like giving in to over-praise of athletes, as talented each and every individual is. It wasn’t until this morning I was doing research for a scathing blog post about “things only a non-sports can understand” and came across articles that shook the thug out of me. I decided to not be a bitch about today and embrace the Seahawks and be even a tiny, little, kind-of-fan thanks to these three stories:

1) Son Surprises Mom With Super Bowl Tickets The first story about a mother and son, who apparently thwarted his mother’s Seahawks fandom by being a fetus. The whole story goes (via YouTube):

After a 9-7 finish in the 1983 season, the Seahawks made their way to the AFC Championship by beating Miami in the Divisional round of their first playoff run (after knocking off Denver in the Wild Card round). That night, mom wanted to go to Boeing Field to welcome back the Hawks, like I know a lot of people will be planning to do after this Sunday, but my dad wouldn’t let her go. She was pregnant with me, due in three months. She missed that opportunity, and the Hawks went on to lose to the hated Raiders that year.

Never mind that the dad thought his wife would go into labor in the second trimester and “wouldn’t” let her go there, but let’s talk about how he made it up to his super-fan mama three decades later:

2) NFL’s First Legally Deaf Player Duracell created a commercial with Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman, who has been deaf since he was three years old (tearstearstears). The commercial shows how Coleman overcame obstacles from bullying and living with a disability to become the current (and only) legally deaf player in the league’s history. As an advocate/teacher for special needs awareness, this just messed me up real good. The online video has been viewed over 15 million times as of today since its January 10th upload.

3) Two Seahawks Fans With Hearing Impairments Get Huge Surprise by Football Hero As if you couldn’t keep your eyeballs dry from Derrick Coleman’s inspirational commercial, he goes on to do something special for two lucky fans. 9-year-old Hawks fan, Riley Kovalcik, wrote Coleman a letter sharing a commonality of hearing aids with the NFL star and her twin sister, Erin. The girls’ father tweeted the letter and it went viral shortly thereafter. As the girls were in the middle of an interview about their letter, their expressions when their football hero surprised them (and with Super Bowl tickets) will make your anti-football smug face smile.

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

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3 thoughts on “3 Stories To Make You A Crying Seahawks Fan

  1. Wouldn’t let her go? Like actually wouldn’t let her, or fretted until she agreed to stay home? My grandpa is a worrier. Like he just asked my grandma 6 times if she wasn’t tired. But he’s never given her an order.

    But yes, Derrick Coleman gave me allllllllllllllll the feels, and I love him #goseahawks #legionofboom

    • Right? I read that with such feminist side-eye LOL. GH was a first-time preggo worrier too when he “wouldn’t” let me go to a shooting range in my first trimester with my friend.

      I love Derrick’s influence in the league! I’m tuning more into the team now and not because I live in Seattle either.

  2. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Neither DP nor I are fans of team sports, even though he played football for years. I think we have been jaded by the play-by-plays that annoying FB “friends” post to clutter up our feeds. But I will agree that these stories are amazing. I’m a sucker for good, heartwarming tales.

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