When Anonymous Blogging Isn’t Anonymous Enough

The day finally came where I was recognized as a blogger in three years of blogging here and it was frightening. It wasn’t a mommy-fan or a rando, who’s seen my gymmurstics picture. It was the worst possible scenario: when someone discovers an acquaintance writes about unconventional ideas of parenting, marriage, and everything else. Of all this blog’s two readers in the entire planet, it had to be someone I know, someone my kids and I see every day, and for fuck’s sake this someone was even part of a post. She whispered from behind her apartment office desk that she has to tell me a secret: she saw my boobs online.

I’m not gonna lie because that put me in a serious panic. I went back and removed that breastfeeding picture and any other picture of a recognizable me. I also got the fated email about renewing my domain name thelaotiancommotion.com and at this point, I made the decision to not pay any money or mind to take further action and let that bitch expire. Buh-bye, Lao food. Buh-bye, breastfeeding memes. Buh-bye, Theek.

This was a wake-up call that I severely swayed from my original intentions for writing about my life. In 2011, I made the decision to be anonymous. Well, kinda anonymous. I faked anonymity by plastering the -Noys in each and every post, our family’s intimate details, and even real life drama. It wasn’t until 2013 where I finally realized I need to redefine “anonymous.” After poring over thus editing privacy settings on all my posts revealing my own face, I also remembered my other original intention of starting writing in 2011. Culture is important to me. My family is important to me. My voice is important to me. I started writing here because I didn’t give a fuck. Blogging is my place to speak what I feel deserves to be heard, as weird or uncommon as it may be. So, why am I giving a fuck now? I decided to keep writing and keep at it because do you know another Laotian-American mommy blogger? Probably not but if you do, are her boobs as nice as mine?

How are you anonymous online?

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13 thoughts on “When Anonymous Blogging Isn’t Anonymous Enough

  1. Oh dear lord…worst nightmare of blogging. It’s funny you wrote this right as I’m contemplating, “Would it be so bad if I weren’t totally anonymous?” Don’t get me wrong – I am not delusional enough to think that there isn’t a chance someone will recognize me. Part of me doesn’t really care. I have a couple followers who are actually real-life friends. The truth is, writing about culture and personal experience creates a thin line between anonymity and openness.

  2. I would hate to have friends/family find my blog. I’m pretty strictly annonymous~ definitely no pictures or anyone’s name used online. It’s just my forum to be completely honest… perhaps about things that those close to me don’t want to hear or don’t realize I even think about. Being a mom also takes away so much privacy and my blog is my private space.

  3. Ugh! I hear ya!! Glad you stuck around. My MIL found out about my blog and shared it with the whole family. Anytime I wrote anything remotely pessimistic or non-pc my MIL would call and lecture me, along with leaving long lectures in the comments sections. She’d gossip with family members about how I’m having a hard time being a new mom or judge the way we parent. SERIOUSLY? So, I created a new blog just so I could be anonymous. I lost a lot of readers due to it, but I’m liking the fresh new (anonymous) start. ♥

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