If You Love Your Friends/Family, You Need Social Media Or At Least That’s What I Tell Myself

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As much as I loathe The Man and the stranglehold of social media, I seemed to have forgotten about the real people, who I care about and know. I actually do have real-life friends, believe it or not. Believe it because I’m a good decent one, at that. Well, that was until I decided to just vanish off of personal social media and dive into an online alter ego: Theek. Just one word. Like Madonna or {Symbol}.

I deleted my personal Facebook in spring 2012 and then just a couple months ago, my personal- turned semi-personal/blog’s Instagram with over 1100 followers. How many of those followers had ever met my family? Not including creeping stalkin ass stalkers, I’d say just a handful of real-life friends and family having to compete with 1085 other online users as their only chance to get to see their nephew, niece, cousin, or best friend. Poor Far Away Aunty got muffled by the Other Mommy Blogger.

You would hear shit like “Well, if you’re truly close then the phone works both ways” or “We spend too much time on our phone than real life.” To that I say, “No fucking duh, that’s the only way!” I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my schedule isn’t wide open like it would be negative two kids and balls deep in student loans. Unfortunately for my IRL friends, I have been quite nomadic since 2008 through college, both pregnancies, and many jobs so no, I can’t just “meet up with them.” I need social media for that. I at least convinced myself of the best one.

Not Facebook Facebook requires your mom’s birth city and dog’s social security number so that’s still a big fat nope. Ok. I lied but I know you gotta get past the CIA breach to register.

Not Twitter I would probably die the day my mother discovers twitter. She already knows “Fatebook” so I’m thinking in a couple years, she might say the word “tweet” in its context.

Not Google+ No one’s (still) on Google Plus. Nobody.

Instagram Ahh, my go-to app to quickly share a single photo and you can find out all about it in the capture and caption.

– Nice that you can choose any (available) username you want so go ‘head and choose ‘BigBooty69xxx’ I checked; it’s available.
– Also nice that you can quickly make your entire account private.
– It’s becoming more popular meaning it’s accessible to more users i.e., more far away family and friends.

So, what did I decide to do? I made a super secret Instagram account for our private lives: silly milestones, non-epic adventures, simple daily things that make up our life. Our life does include the people who have been physically a part of it therefore respect that part of intimate details. So super secret that it’s for the select few that know Humnoy’s household nickname. Yes, the kid’s got a Lao name, a Lao nickname, and a household nickname. I think this is a prime example of how social media can be used for good, not evil.

For family/friends, please let me know your username so I can add you to the private family account.

Dear awesome readers, please follow my blog IG: @LaotianCommotion

Is your Instagram for both IRL friends/family and online friends?

8 thoughts on “If You Love Your Friends/Family, You Need Social Media Or At Least That’s What I Tell Myself

  1. “Fatebook…” lmao That’s what my mom says. And she thinks it’s the same thing as e-mail.
    My Instagram is private and I only have IRL peeps on there. I have a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend from like 6 years ago, so most everything is private. He’s probably found my blog somehow anyway, even though I don’t have it listed under anything he would think to Google.

  2. I have a “secret” one too. As well as twitter… Twitter isn’t so secret but I just don’t use it anymore… I have just been neglecting personal accounts. It was hard to keep up. You just gotta be careful who you let in because one bad apple blows your cover and you no longer feel free lol. And it’s usually a friend or family member annoying the crap out of you, I have friends and family IRL that don’t even know my other IG. That’s how low key that one is. I kinda just told myself if I don’t want anyone to know I just won’t post it….on either account.

  3. The perks of not having email until ’97 in a third world country is neat. I didn’t start a blog until ’07 and then FB a little after that. But I read a lot of blogs online and the pros and cons of having a blog especially about the trolls or the predators. With that I had a blog and a FB account knowing what I’ll be up against. Anyway, all of my accounts are out there private except my blog. I just tell people who I want to read about my blog or except people who I want. And if I do get popular (which I don’t expect, hahaha) I don’t want to be writing a post; oh people are coming up to me and saying hello, i love your blog,blahblaha’…ah duh, hello, you’re on the world wide web! Didn’t you know in the first place?

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