“Theek Noy” And Other Lao Names Revolving Around Me (As It Should Be)

The first time my grandfather laid eyes on Humnoy, my family’s first great-grandchild was endearingly referred to as “Theek Noy” because of a striking newborn resemblance.” If you’ve been following just recently then you know it literally means “Little Theek.” Also, if you you’ve been following since the very beginning then you’ll know Humnoy is a boy and I, myself, am not a boy. Growing up Lao, I was constantly referred to as some relation to another person. So Game of Thrones of us, right? If my Lao moniker was not used, it was always “Eldest Granddaughter of Khene” or “Eldest Daughter (That Made It To College) of Nang.” It always traced back to an original person that connected the subject of conversation to a link somewhere in the generation. Much like all the sets of parents before me, I am that start of the next generation as it freaking should be. You’ll need to understand pregnancy pain and an annoying spouse to see why.

The kids are still called “Humnoy” and “Lanoy” by close family members but sometimes that is not common knowledge to everyone who hasn’t met them so it’s just easier to call them something entirely technical and less personal. For my -noys, they are calledΒ Leuk (Ee) Theek which literally means “Child(ren) of (The Girl) Theek.” The same goes for the other important person tied into all of this: GH. How hilarious would it be if the Lao people called him Gym Hottie like y’all do? lulz. The word for “husband” in Lao is puah and since he’s clearly not Lao, he definitely has his own made-up name. A few have been a little racist albeit still technically correct. Buk Kow literally means “White Boy.” I mean, like I said, accurate.

This has been done for as long as I can remember so let’s see all the names I’ve donned over the years:
Theek Noy BΓ©bΓ© Theek
Leuk Mek Daughter of Mek
Leuk Gkoke (like “coke?” I think) Eldest Child
Mae Buk Hum Mother to Hum
Mae Lanoy Mother to Lanoy

As a Lao parent now, I see it. I see how and why it’s been done this way. I see how it makes much more sense to connect a couple generations in a single conversation. What better and more honorable way to pay tribute to your parents than be forever known as their child? If you’d like to be associated with them, that is. I really feel Westerosian though now that I’ve sat and explained this because I had never ever sat and explained this. I am mama to my babies and my babies are from to their mama. Here are my Theek Noys:

20140518-021815.jpg theek and noys theek noy noys husband of theek

*POP QUIZ* What would GH’s title be as my husband?


9 thoughts on ““Theek Noy” And Other Lao Names Revolving Around Me (As It Should Be)

  1. He could be called….Puah Nang Theek or Paw luk Ee theek…

    My kids are half lao and half Chinese so I get Jeek Noy a lot. Terms of endearment right? Lol.

    Miss you girl! Are you back on IG yet? If so, add me! darlaplus4

  2. Hummmm…maybe i spelled it wrong. Jeek Noy should translate “little china” or sometimes call my son, baak jeek Noy when he is doing something he shouldn’t. Lol.

    Just added you! Your little ma nosy are getting so big! 😍😘😘

    Thanks for the IG add. 😊

  3. I’ve always been “thuy” (or chubz, haha) but commonly referred to as “Nong Boom” (Booms kid). But for a little while in my adolescence, while performing traditional Thai dances to raise money for our local temple, my mom was “Mae Christina”. And that’s just the cutest shit.

  4. I have also noticed that parents are usually referred to by the name of their eldest child…for example, my mother will always be “Mae Baak Cong (my older brother)” even though she is my mom too. It makes sense to me now but gave me a complex when I was younger.

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