Should New Niche Stay Or Should It Go?


Your typical, average Mom Blogger.

Just within the last month, I ventured into something pretty abnormal for me. It has been lots of fun and I’m teaching myself a lot but I have been hesitant to share it because I don’t know how. Let me rephrase that: I don’t know where* to share it. GH said, “You should make a blog about it.” Wait, why can’t I make the blog about it?

I love this blog. I love it because there’s no one else doing it. It’s not big, it’s not small, it’s nothing but something to me because it is me. It’s all my ideas, experiences, and voice. I make it a point to make sure you know I’m genuine when I share something with you. I’m not here to waste my time by being somebody else I’m not. I don’t want to waste your time to read inauthentic words either. I really don’t know what type of blog I have other than that Lao blogs are very rare as is, especially with a single author with many identities that I … uh, identify with. Since I kind of already renewed the domain purchase so I got to do something here, amirite?

So, what happens if there’s something that is a separate idea? Will it stick out like a random nub on a niche blog? The new adventure I’m on isn’t necessarily All Laotian, All the Time but it’s still me. It revolves around me being a mother and how to be myself while being a mother. So… I still don’t know.

If I were to make a separate blog:
– Too much time. I’m so lazy. And so tired. Lazy, tired mom.
– (Buying) A domain. I’m already shelling out money for this here WordPress-hosted blog and it’s so little freedom as is.
– A new, fresh start on a specific niche, for once.

If I were to add it on this blog:
– It would kinda, sorta fit with the current content. I’m still that Lao mom/wife/blogger/tweeter/bitch-friend.
– It would add more unique content to my site.
– It would save me time rather than devote to two separate blogs.
– It would still leave me as an Uncategorized Blogger because my content is all over the place.

At this point, I’m really too lazy and poor to devote to an entirely separate blog. Although I really do like the idea of a fresh, new blog to chronicle this new adventure and probably more audience-pleasing versus content-driven. Also, I really want to share with you because it’s been really awkward and funny and awesome all at the same time. Hey! Kinda like this blog here.

To fellow bloggers: When do you consider to start an entire separate blog? What criteria has to be met?

To appreciated readers: What would you consider as the niche for what you read here at Mommy, cultural, lifestyle?


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10 thoughts on “Should New Niche Stay Or Should It Go?

  1. I understand why bloggers branch off and start new blogs but honestly I wish more would consider staying with the ones they have. We are not just one thing, in real life or in blogging worlds. You are more than JUST Lao mama. I think it makes sense if the new content is going to be so vastly different and prolific that it can stand on its own. Otherwise? Blog here. See how it goes and if it really inspires you to do more elsewhere? Then go for it.

    • Sol, I think that is why I’m so hesitant because I’ve *seen* so many other bloggers I admire do it. So, I’m just like, “Crap, am I doing it even more wrong?” You’re so right though because this blog is literally about me and it involves mothering, kids, marriage, life, and now this new adventure so it does make complete sense to keep it on here too.

      I just am really curious how other bloggers make the decision to branch out. What is their thought process? lol

  2. I am way too lazy to start a second blog so I just have a random category and stick a bunch of things in there that don’t fit with my more specific categories. It’s probably getting too cluttered but eh, whatever.

  3. I’m glad you’re sticking with one blog! I am way too much of a lazy busy mom to keep up with two! (I don’t comment all the time… But I’m here reading!) I
    Started following you primarily as a crunchy mommy blog (I think you came up in a search when I was deciding whether I needed a pool at my homebirth) and the Lao stuff fascinates me. I am so pumped to hear about your new adventure that it’s kind of sad. Maybe because I am looking to keep my identity as a mom?

  4. I guess there’s no one thing I like that sticks out. It’s the commiseration with another mom, who happens to be minority, who happens to nurse, who happens to watch some of the same shows I watch, who… It’s good stuff. I’d be bummed if it were split up because *AHM* lazy and like everything in one tidy spot. And it’s all about me.

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