#MomInFront: How I Want My Children To See Me

how do i look

If I went back far enough, there are a bunch of random photos in my family’s albums. From my grandparents’ journey from Laos to my parents raising us four kids in America, I see a lot of other people and always wondered who’s behind the camera. Why did they take it? How are they related? How were they asked? My dad took a ton of photos of my mom with us it seemed. Never posed but candid ones of us watching TV or eating together. There are even ones of just her and I get to see my mom like I may not have remembered. With all this technology in 2014, I really want to make a point to step from behind the camera and in front.

I don’t care anymore when GH rolls his eyes at me when I ask, “Can you take a picture of me?” With motherhood, I was always embarrassed yet I never had this issue in my party days because liquid courage, amirite? Today, there’s this stigma of if you love yourself then you are conceited, vain, self-centered, and unapproachable. I really am neither of those things at all and would never want my children to think that of me either. In fact, it is the complete opposite if I want myself documented along with my children. In the rare instances I think of my self care, I am more confident, happy, and easy to be around therefore my family will get a confident, happy, and easy-to-be-around mother.

Look The Part This new goal also encourages me with looking presentable. No more un-brushed teeth and/or hair and less yoga pants. (I can’t quit yoga pants.)

Walk the Walk Rather than watching my children in their own world, I instead join them and try to document that best I can. Thank god for front-facing cameras.

Role Model These kids are constantly watching and copying me so I need to be a confident show.

Judging Panel There’s a little debate on makeup in a few parenting communities and I don’t claim that community. Makeup and clothes don’t make the woman but if the woman is happy then who gives a shit?

Creep Audience Not to mention that I will do my best to deter all the internet creeps to not use photos of my kids. If Mama Bear is in it, they might not find much use of it. Nasty ass creeps.

Instead of meekly asking GH, I’m just going to say, “Take a picture of the mother of your children, you fool.” Introducing: Mom In Front.

mom in front theek

GH didn’t catch the “shadow face” memo

Who takes your pictures so you can be in front?


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5 thoughts on “#MomInFront: How I Want My Children To See Me

  1. This is entirely too accurate. And I can say that because the reason I’m in so few pictures is because of alldareasons. I’m unhappy with my appearance, but hardly take the time I get dressed/ brush teeth/ do hair. I don’t want meese to remember the back of my iPhone. It’s time to get it together.

    • Ain’t nobody complaining about pics of Meese doe, I’ll tell ya that much 😍

      This entire revelation is also a part of my new venture I’ve taken too. 😉 It all goes hand in hand so it’s been fun to take part in the iPhone photo shoots! Selfies count too.


  2. You put my thoughts into words. I know there have been some posts on this topic before but they seem to focus on how moms hate their bodies after babies and that’s why they hide behind the camera instead of getting in the picture. I totally feel embarrassed asking my man to take my picture, like he might think I’m too self-centered and not focused on the kids enough. And when it comes to sharing photos with me in them, I am either insecure about my unkempt hair, or afraid of appearing conceited if its one of those rare days the mirror and I have taken the time to get reacquainted.
    Good point about creeps too – never thought of it like that!

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