How All Your Family Photos Turn Out

the mom derp
taking pictures with kids

My White husband is just tickled about how Lao people take pictures. For as long as we can go back in my family’s albums, not a single person is smiling. Ever. They always have a stoic expression in any old black-and-white pic from Laos or the most recent Lao-lish wedding in front of the food banquet. Lao people just are not happily photogenic. Well, not I! Ever since I discovered social media a la MySpace, I have been taking my own selfies for years just with the surprise element of 35 mm disposable cameras! I just make sure I get to be in front from now on.

I always want my and my children’s personalities to show through in photos. It’s no coincidence all photos of my children seem to scream, “crazy! loud! toddling!” They can’t sit still long enough for me to capture the cutest new thing they are doing or how Humnoy is planting a sweet kiss on Lanoy’s cheek. So a lot of the time, I have to wrangle the beasts in and make them take a picture with their mother: physically holding them otherwise all the photos will be flashes of flesh from their escape out of the frame. Of course Unfortunately, a photographubby can step in or I accept the awful pixel quality of the front-face camera for selfies. -_______-

That’s not the problem because when I’m trying to look my best, i have no clue WTF the children are doing at the camera. They look so fucking adorable one second and the shutter speed fail shows major baby derp. By the time the kids have had with my bullshit, I wisely nod at the 2 dozen rapid fire shots I snagged before the kids slither down my legs. All that comes in where I finally see all the hard work of trying to take photos with your kids:

Then there’s one you just say, “Fuck it; that’ll do. the best one

How do you get kids to pose for pictures?


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7 thoughts on “How All Your Family Photos Turn Out

  1. I do as you do. Then end up with whatever works or doesn’t! I take whatever is there with them. I got lucky with 2/3 kids who pose without being asked. I actually have to tell them to act normal lol cause candid shots are hard to take of them. The rare moment I get a super nice shot of all three of them with me? I think I should play the lotto after.

  2. I am the same way with my kids. They hate it. Lol one outta my 3 is always asking if I’m gonna post that on Facebook. I’m not Lao but my kids are and I’m damn happy about that. I try to just snap a dozen pics like you hoping one perfect one shows. It’s funnier when you ask the 3 to smile for pictures and I have to take 10 different shots because like your meme, ones not looking it ones eyes are closed or ones not ready and my favorite the perfect blur. I don’t even tell them if I’m taking pics anymore. I just go for it.
    I love all your blogs as I can relate not only as a mother but the Lao culture as well. Keeps me laughing!!!! Thanks!!!

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