Sabaidee. My name is Theek and I am the mama, the shitty wife, and the Laotian behind the commotion. You probably do not know me from the popular breastfeeding meme:


Today’s just an extension of my party girl heyday discovering my role as a failing attachment parent with little sleep and zero personal space from sweaty people. We are a biracial family living near Seattle made up of a Laotian mama, a North Carolina-boy aka “Gym Hottie” (GH), and two perfect results from that boozey courtship started in our alma mater gym all those years ago.

I started the Laotian Commotion after the birth of my first-born (nicknamed “small testicles“) and needed a place to write shit mainstream people say about my parenting, bootleg my family’s Laotian recipes, and share useful tips and my honest experience in what some may know as natural/attachment/peaceful/crunchy parenting but what my Laotian grandmother would slap me upside the head for calling her lifestyle relating to bland granola.

More about me >>>

Like what chu see already? Tell me, boo, at thelaotiancommotion@gmail.com


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