About Lanoy

half laotian baby names
We didn’t know if Lanoy was gonna be a boy or a girl because I didn’t care. Thanks to my Lao homie over at seeharhed, I realized my mom lied to me and gave me the short-hand answer to the origin of her Laotian nickname because it doesn’t mean ‘little girl’ but more specifically ‘last little child.’ And then realized my mom is a somewhat prophet because I think we are done with having little -noys, for now.

She was born in a bathtub and is in love with her older brother, Humnoy. She is the apple of her father’s eye and the spitting image of a baby Theek. She evens out our crazy gene pool by rounding out the former sausage party to now upping the number of Mike’s Hard Lemonades to go around. Her birth story is here: A Bebe Story.

Find out more about the other kid here >>>


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