Birth of Lanoy

In the early hours of February 5th, 2013 I went to bed normally like I did every other night as a pregnant mom to a spirited toddler. I showered at 1:00 am, tweeted this at 2:40 am and then went to bed. In just a couple hours, I would wake up to the all-knowing cramping from years’ past that I’d forgotten felt like ‘the worst period cramp of your life.’ That’s how I knew but I was still in denial. I doubted it could be so soon. My due date was just two days ago and Humnoy was nine days past. I downloaded a contraction timer app at a quarter after 5 and went from there. My contractions were definitely on a wave so I rolled outta bed quietly as quiet can be at 9.5 months pregnant and headed to the bathroom. . .  read more >>> Home birth first look