When You Miss A Breastfeeding Session or Two

I did what any breastfeeding mom going back to work would do: get an expensive breast pump with full intention of using that expensive breast pump. When Lanoy was 10 months old, I went to my first day back in a classroom. I asked the original teacher if there was a place I could pump during the planning and/or lunch to which she, of course, noted the nearby germ playground kindergarten bathroom or the classroom with the door locked. Few hours pass and before I know it, I am picking up crayon wrappers after the kids have left for home. I did not pump at all that day and my body hated me for it.

I got home, popped that girl on a tit, and pumped out the other side as she nursed and I got about enough milk for the village. This is my breasts’ way of getting really angry with me for messing up the flow of things. My body was all, ‘Bitch, where were you for your noon feeding? Oh, you were leading an art lesson? Okay” and decided to open the milk flood gates to rebuke career duties. The awful part was when an elementary schooler’s big head would bump into my chest for the side-hugs-only contact and I felt like I was going to fill the classroom with letdown and fore milk. Lest us not forget lunch; my boobs went go-go-gadget when it’s being nourished. I can feel my boobs swell up a notch with each bite of food next to ancient teachers, who probably did not understand my face of breast discomfort. Not a lot of teachers pumped that I knew of.

I then made the decision to not pump for my toddler. After a while, my body adjusted and my breasts weren’t so painful if I nursed Lanoy right before I walk out the door. They weren’t ‘so painful’ where I couldn’t not work so I kept trucking on. This went on for six months while I was teaching part-time this school year. It would totally be different if I was in a classroom full-time and eight hours a day. On a few occasions, I run a bit late to nurse my sleep-through-the-night toddler before leaving, come home after a full day, and the first thing thing I say to GH after he asks about my day is:

breastfeeding boobs on fire

*For some tips for pumping, go see How To Get More Milk With A Hand Pump

When do your boobs get on fiyah?


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Rihanna and Breastfeeding Memes: Why You’re A Shamed Shamer And It’s Not Okay

rihanna breast feeding meme

rihanna breastfeeding instagram

Both are okay actually so…

The entire world is completely messed up from Rihanna, y’all. The 26-year-old singer stepped out in her bangin’ bod at the CFDA Fashion Awards, whatever TF that is, for the appropriately categorized 2014 Fashion Icon Award. Welp, she earned it. If you do not call under a rock your permanent and/or temporary address then you have seen the infamous dress: a sheer gown with a purported 230,000 Swarovski crystals and little to nothing else. People were l o u d about this dress such as the usual can’t-deal-with-hos men and even women, who were really offended by Rihanna’s bare-all some-things-but-not-really attitude.

One group of women especially did not like how Rihanna dared to show her breasts when they cannot show theirs. Breastfeeding advocates have been pretty meme-happy since this incident à la #moi and it’s the classic case of Shamed Shamers, where a group of oppressed women shame another because one group (Rihanna) is not shamed enough therefore one group (breastfeeder) feels falsely shamed. Making memes like the ones included above only feed the cycle of why you need to make such images in the first place. These type of “breastfeeding” memes are repeating the puritanical system that tell breastfeeding mothers when, how, what to breastfeed just like how non-lactating women’s bodies are told when, how, or what to dress their body.

It is important to understand that Rihanna received much more criticism than ‘fashion icon’ praise unlike like these memes suggest. Actually, I have yet to read a comment really “okay” with Rihanna’s dress at all. With a simple Google news search, you’ll see the headline word choices contain ‘naked,’ ‘bares all,’ or ‘too much skin.’ By asking “why [are Rihanna’s boobs] okay,” it is promoting the very body policing that breastfeeding is too aware of and contradictory of the cause for normalizing breastfeeding. All boobs, all okay.

We should not be shaming Rihanna, who also got banned from Instagram like so many breastfeeding IG moms for the same exact thing: boobs, lactating or otherwise. We should shame the internalized patriarchal thought that makes us think we need to shame her to get our point across. We should shame the images that say she can’t be a fashion icon and be a woman with breasts. We should shame those who invite you to sit in the bathroom to feed your hungry kid. We should shame the predators, who sexualize women’s breasts to latched- or non-latched children. We should shame the people who shame Rihanna because they are most likely the same people against breastfeeding. When you shame Rihanna’s body next to yours, you shame the advocacy you misappropriate through images and thoughts like those.

*For some real-time insight into the world of Twitter’s thoughts on shaming breastfeeding and/or Rihanna, check it out here.

rihanna vs breastfeeding in public shaming



Are these memes promoting or hurting the cause for normalizing breastfeeding? What about the cause for body positivity?


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The Topic of Breastfeeding in Public Just Got Hairier

@LaotianComotion: How to gymnurstics in public #laotiancommotion

@LaotianComotion says, "I don't care about #breastfeeding in public and you shouldn't either" #laotiancommotion
One of the rare times I was asked to move to another location to breastfeed was actually by my mom. We were at a Lao wedding and she gently suggested for me to go to the bathroom. First, I was like, “Mom, that’s disgusting; this is your grandbaby breathing in air poop particles.” She revealed a bit of embarrassment, if that’s even a thing for my mom, when she motioned to the table of skeezy Lao men behind us (i.e., my dad’s skeezy Lao friends). Second, I was like, “Wait, why would these Lao OGs, who were breastfed by their own mamas in Laos be skeeved?” and then I remembered: ‘Murica.

I find it hilarious how there are U.S. laws to protect the right for mothers to feed without harassment, lawsuits, or jail time. “Yes, we realized society has just recently shamed the natural act of feeding from your breasts so give us a bit to write up these laws so you can face public outcry with vague legal backing.” #Okay. In many other places in the world, there are no such laws that protect the right to bare lactating breasts in public. Why? Because it’s not a big deal. In Laos, I asked my friend Kelly from The Frog & The Moon, who is an American mom living in Laos, about the breastfeeding laws there and she said there were none. Well, of course not. Here in the United States, there are laws abound! I mean, that’s good to avoid jail food while hangry and all but how dumb. Breastfeeding laws are just dumb in theory.

According to National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), “forty-five states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location.” Allow? You allow me to whip my own boob out because my child is hungry while everyone else is eating too? You allow me to respond to a crying child by sticking a breast in there? You allow me to police my own body parts? The following are the examples of breastfeeding in public laws here in Washington:

2001: Breastfeeding in public is not considered indecent exposure. (RCW 43.70, 9A.88.010)

2009: Breastfeeding mothers are protected under state anti-discrimination law, and can breastfeed their children in places of public accommodation such as restaurants, pools, theaters, government buildings, museums, libraries, busses, or parks. (RCW 49.60.030 and 49.60.215)

In almost 40 months of straight breastfeeding between and tandem of two kids, I really have taken the law in my own hands. Please note I have never had an in-real-life incident with harassment with breastfeeding in public. At least not to my face anyway. I have gotten a few head shakes, a lot of stares, and many more quick stare-then-look-aways. It really wouldn’t matter anyway because I actually have the law on my side-boob. Even if the law did not protect me, there are a number of ways of how to nurse in public the right way:

  • Wear a nursing cover.
  • Don’t wear a nursing cover.
  • Use a bottle.
  • Don’t use a bottle.
  • Perfect your bitchy resting face.
  • Don’t be a bitch.
  • Find a room.
  • Don’t find a room; never a restroom because airpoopparticles.
  • Go everywhere with your 6-foot husband, who’d crush anybody for looking at you sideways while breastfeeding the baby in public.
  • Go places without your significant other.
  • Grow long hair (my recent method).
  • Don’t grow long hair.
  • Don’t care what people think, say, do when you are responding to your hungry baby when out living your life in public.
  • Seriously, don’t give a shit.
I’ve actually done all those ways to be comfortable in public because I was a new mom surrounded by jaded society. It wasn’t until I learned one important thing: I’ve lived my life caring about others (my parents, my boyfriends, my friends) thought about me and my body and the only person who should be bothered is the person whose boobs are attached to. If you are modest about the amount of skin you are showing, you have that right. If you live in the bottom depths of Seven Hells and your baby gets too hot under a cover then ditch that thing. If you prefer a quiet spot in a lounge room with comfortable chairs, sit back and nurse. If you just do not give a shit, then go on not giving a shit because you aren’t doing anything wrong. Not only does the law say so, but you do too. I have done all those things because I do not prescribe to one radical be-all-end-all in breastfeeding and I have never had a single problem.
*For a list of your state’s breastfeeding laws, please go check out Breastfeeding State Laws
The one right way to nurse in public #breastfeeding @LaotianComotion

Law’s On Your Side Boob.

*You may share any images from my blog upon the condition you credit/link to thelaotiancommotion.com. I like when you share but love when you acknowledge the creator. Thank you; don’t be a dick.

Breastfeeders and non-breastfeeders: What do you care about breastfeeding in public? Do boobs bother you? Are you modest?


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Motherhood Myth #618: You Won’t Be Needing Your Young and Hot Wardrobe Anymore

all my outfits
Nearing the Danger Zone to pop out my first child, my nesting included prepping clothes for the pending child soon to take over my life for the next many years. I washed, prepped, folded (ha!), and organized all the tiny little articles of clothing for Humnoy. Nesting is the phenomenon of pregnancy where your body jolts you into severe prep mode. Not just for the baby but for myself too. All my life I noted how pregnancy forever changes your body so you know what I did? Crying whilst I got rid of all my tiny clothing as a 24-year-old mother-to-be fresh out of college because I’m gonna be forever pregnant, right?

Humnoy is born and I’m a mother. A tired and exclusively breastfeeding mother. Not anyone– no one told me the toll breastfeeding would take on me. Actually, it’s because I did not have anyone in my life that told me about breastfeeding. As an American-born, Laotian, I saw zero breastfeeding in my community. Sadly, the refugee generation was subjected to the medical model of parenting and we all know that’s not very child-friendly. So, essentially nobody told me nothing about nothing. Everything I learned, I did by instinct and the Interwebs. This particular group of nobodies definitely did not tell me about the physical toll breastfeeding takes on your body.

Just the other day, I was coming home from work and GH pointed out something about my body that not only embarrassed me but made me angry all over again. Well, not my actual body but how my body does not fit my clothing well: my work pants were so ill-fitting that it took my husband, The Man Who Surface Cleans And Calls It Good, to notice. I no longer could fill out my work pants that I’ve had since college, which is also the last time I went clothes shopping. I eat like a caveman and have been breastfeeding straight through for the last three years. It’s gotta be that, right? Do I have tapeworm?

Anyway, my point is this: Don’t throw out all your clothing and budget some money to buy brand new clothing so you don’t look like you are wearing your husband’s pants. Also, breastfeeding does fickle shit to your boobs so plan to buy tops and good nursing bras from said budget. Plus side, I got to go shopping for <emmyself in many, many years. I don’t even know what’s hip or hot anymore but I tried my best and got to finally have some flattering clothing for once. #Breastfeedingfriendly, of course.

*stay tuned for all the pants that I could fill out in tomorrow’s post* Go to the blog sidebar and click ‘FOLLOW’ so the blog is sent straight to your inbox 💋 breastfeeding extreme weight loss

Are skinny jeans still hip to the hop? What about ones with faux zipper pockets?

When Anonymous Blogging Isn’t Anonymous Enough

The day finally came where I was recognized as a blogger in three years of blogging here and it was frightening. It wasn’t a mommy-fan or a rando, who’s seen my gymmurstics picture. It was the worst possible scenario: when someone discovers an acquaintance writes about unconventional ideas of parenting, marriage, and everything else. Of all this blog’s two readers in the entire planet, it had to be someone I know, someone my kids and I see every day, and for fuck’s sake this someone was even part of a post. She whispered from behind her apartment office desk that she has to tell me a secret: she saw my boobs online.

I’m not gonna lie because that put me in a serious panic. I went back and removed that breastfeeding picture and any other picture of a recognizable me. I also got the fated email about renewing my domain name thelaotiancommotion.com and at this point, I made the decision to not pay any money or mind to take further action and let that bitch expire. Buh-bye, Lao food. Buh-bye, breastfeeding memes. Buh-bye, Theek.

This was a wake-up call that I severely swayed from my original intentions for writing about my life. In 2011, I made the decision to be anonymous. Well, kinda anonymous. I faked anonymity by plastering the -Noys in each and every post, our family’s intimate details, and even real life drama. It wasn’t until 2013 where I finally realized I need to redefine “anonymous.” After poring over thus editing privacy settings on all my posts revealing my own face, I also remembered my other original intention of starting writing in 2011. Culture is important to me. My family is important to me. My voice is important to me. I started writing here because I didn’t give a fuck. Blogging is my place to speak what I feel deserves to be heard, as weird or uncommon as it may be. So, why am I giving a fuck now? I decided to keep writing and keep at it because do you know another Laotian-American mommy blogger? Probably not but if you do, are her boobs as nice as mine?

How are you anonymous online?

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Don’t Feed The Breastfeeding Trolls

Trolling the #lactivist hashtag as one would, I enjoy lending my support by “liking” photos posted by other breastfeeding supporters. Mind you that not all posts are by mothers or supporters of feeding babies so you’ll get a few stragglers, haters, and sometimes perverts. There is always one person, who will troll with their unsolicited opinion about breastfeeding (in public, especially) and I have zero qualms about sharing how their opinion is unwarranted.

On this trolling night, I spotted a user arguing that breastfeeding in public makes him uncomfortable because he can’t “piss in public” therefore a breastfeeding woman shouldn’t have her breasts out in public. Well, that just is illogical and irrelevant to how breastfeeding actually works or sanctioned. Many states have laws in place where a breastfeeding mother is exempt from public indecency laws. In short, breastfeeding is protected in places where the mother is allowed to be there so pretty much anywhere.

Forget the laws and screw the “warrants” I would need in public: My Baby is Hungry And My Baby Will Eat. It is of my high opinion that anybody bothered or uncomfortable by a hungry baby eating is either staring too long or have personal issues not related to owner or child(ren) latched on said breasts. Any argument against breastfeeding in public is another classic example of “this is not a me-problem but a you-problem.” My hungry baby feeding does not affect, harm, change, thwart, or confuse anybody else’s immediate environment for the worse unless that uncomfortable person chooses to let it. It’s a baby eating just like if we were at home, in the parked car, at the park, anytime, anywhere.

I now regret playing into his little game because I vengefully put him on blast when he attacked me and now he verbally confessed a very explicit act on children so I really feel sorry for such an unhappy life. I hope he gets the help he needs and I should have just left it at my first argument: nursing in public breastfeeding meme Have you ever regrettably fed the breastfeeding trolls?

Date Night Mama Trauma

Unlike toiling away in the rice fields in Laos, I was away from my infant for fun. Lao mothers are a part of the manual labor force in the family. Me? I left my baby and went to go drink and grind on my husband at a kid-free wedding. My original RSVP was “No” for exclusively breastfeeding and a “Hell No” as I’d have to find actual hygienic clothes to wear. Alas, GH convinced me of this golden opportunity for a date night and I still hesitantly checked “Yes.” Peaceful Parenting Prep went into action: I pumped breastmilk for three different types of bottles, a sippy cup, and an Ergo baby carrier lesson plan geared to my modern-struck parents. Nothing still prepared for a date night gone to shit.

date night from hell

Planning on being on the road for only four hours, four turned into six. Lanoy only stopped crying when the car was stopped and she was out of the car seat. No boob, no pacifier, just out of the car seat and in my lap. A million hours later, we arrived at my parents’ as the kids would be staying with my family, including my siblings. I couldn’t pee, eat, walk, get up, or get ready without Lanoy wailing like I’m walking to the snack cupboard and forever out of her little life.

Finally, with a fighting nap baby strapped on my back, I prepare my face with makeup and quickly heat damage my hair before she decides to rip it out. I hold her all day as much as I capably can and nurse her right before we are about to drive off. She wails as I remove her death grip on my dress and just turn and walk away. GH and I “enjoyed” our time out but I wanted to go. I wanted to be with my baby because she needed me. We arrived home and finally her crying bout ended after four hours. She cried the entire time we were at the wedding. She also cried the entire car trip, there and back. Let’s also add in the in-between crying when I needed to go to the bathroom so I estimate it was 14 hours of crying the entire weekend. 14 hours of traumatic absence. 14 hours of an angry soft spot. 14 hours mommy guilt. “Never. Again,” I vow.

How did your first baby-free outing go?

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Simple and Kinda Awkward Ways To Treat A Plugged Milk Duct in 2 Days

How to cure plugged milk ducts in 48 hours | The Laotian Commotion

Don’t touch me; bring me a beer; make me a sandwich! BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH – said every breastfeeding mom ever

No offense to guys’ junk punch, but I’m just going to come out and say that getting punched in the boob is worse. That’s exactly how having a plugged milk duct feels like. A blocked/clogged/plugged milk duct while breastfeeding “is the formation of a hard lump in the breast, usually near the areola or nipple. The lump will usually be painful when touched, and the skin around the lump may become red.” It feels like waking up feeling like your breasts had too much of a good time and got into a scuffle with a toothless bum. In my case, that good time is the coveted sleeping through the night and that bum is my 7-month-old. Breastfeeding problems make you a ragey momster and I would do just about anything, awkward included. A painful chest is the last thing you want with lunch to make in a disgusting house with hungry kids so I did these very simple methods and my boobs (and sanity) are back to normal, if that is ever true for breastfeeding, in two days.

treat a plugged milk duct in 2 days | The Laotian Commotion
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  1. Boob a lot This goes without saying anyway, breastfeeding on demand is the way to go regardless of blocked-up milk. It is especially true for when you have a clog in your boob and having baby feed often is to stimulate the milk flow and empty that clog. I nursed the affected boob a lot to where the other became engorged (Don’t do this though). If possible, try to be in bed with the baby as often as you can during this bout. Get some help so you can so don’t be afraid to ask.
  2. Awkward positions No, silly, not toddler positions because in this case, gravity is your friend. The idea is to have the milk flow better so do a football hold or the dangle, a position where you are on all fours and baby latches on with chin toward lump. Trust me, it’s not sexy but it should help relieve some of that milk. This is not advised with an awake older sibling because you will get climbed on.
  3. Massage that ish It may hurt to touch it but stimulating the ducts toward the nipple should help heal it. My favorite is gently massaging it while the baby is nursing in the dangle. It just got more awkward.
  4. Hot stuff Warm compresses on the affected area of the clogged boob will provide a mini-spa experience. No, just kidding, it’s to help clear up the rock in your boob. Kellymom.com has a great suggestion to fill a disposable diaper with warm water to keep it warm instead of a wet washcloth, which goes cold quickly and gets kinda messy.
  5. Massage/hot combo My favoritest moment of this entire time of rock boobs is when I’m in the hot, hot, hot shower. It’s a double-whammy to be able to have my first shower in three days and massage the clog. If I’m feeling major pressure, this is where I also express some out if it’s been a while since a last feed. I will have the water come down on the affected boob while gently massaging.

Honorable mentions:
– Treat immediately or it may quickly turn into mastitis
– Go without a bra and other tight-fitting clothing
– Make sure the baby’s latch is correct

How have you tried to relieve plugged ducts or mastitis?

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This Traditional Lao Food Actually Harming Babies and Breastfeeding in Laos

breast milk and nothing else Laos campaign

My mother tried to convince brand-new postpartum me that my crying newborn was hungry because I wasn’t making enough milk. I would have entirely believed her if I wasn’t so precise in reaching the front door with squirting breast milk from our living room couch. My mom had a bunch of “Lao remedies” at the ready anyway. She would spoon-drop some water into his wailing mouth. She also suggested the most common Lao baby feeding method, regurgitated sticky rice to make him feel full longer. Sticky rice for infants is the Laotian equivalent to what we know as rice cereal in Western culture. The idea is the same as well where the introduction of solid foods will fill out their little bellies. Well, of course, introducing a near-empty food so early can be quite harmful to children’s developing gut and can cause problems such as food allergies, stunted development, and breastfeeding difficulty. The infant mortality rate for Laos is 70 per 1000 with dismal exclusive breastfeeding rates in part to old wives tales and cultural traditions. I myself was fed sticky rice at just 2 days old, exaggerated by my mom but I really think she meant two weeks old (I hope, I pray, oh god). An unsure result of that choice or not, I have battled a lifelong severe food allergy.

My case is different compared to actual infants born and raised and fed in Laos whereas I was born in America. Most children do not survive past the toddler years or have developmental issues past this. To counter this, UNICEF launched an exclusive breastfeeding campaign to areas of Laos to remind new mothers that babies do not need any other food beside breast milk for the first six months. Their goal was to increase the percentage to 60% of Lao women to exclusively breastfeed for six months from within the first hour of birth. Results showed a 10% point increase in 2011/12 compared to 2006 for initiating within hour of birth and a 14% point increase in EBF rate (0-5m) in 2011/12 compared to 2006 for exclusively breastfeeding until six months.

They achieved this mostly through word of mouth and trying to reach “village elders” because any respectable Laotian knows better than to decline an elder feeding their baby the traditional sticky rice. If they were to know better then they would help raise more awareness to the harm, despite the rich tradition. They also were able to distribute their efforts through media such as posters, apparel, and radio spots. My favorite has to be this video set in a rural homestead in the Laos countryside. How cute is this:

What exclusive breastfeeding myths have you heard?

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“Can I Operate A Forklift?” and Other Important Questions to Ask Yourself If Breastfeeding and Drinking Alcohol

Yes, you can have a drink while breastfeeding | The Laotian Commotion

One side says “never” while the other side says yes, breastfeeding moms can drink alcohol. There have been no scientific link to yet define a safe amount of alcohol for the nursing baby to ingest, which leads many experts (and moms) to rule out alcohol while breastfeeding entirely. Well, that’s just not gonna work for me. Here’s the thing: I don’t always get to go on a date with my husband but when I do, I make sure I drink. It isn’t fair to remove a responsible choice to enjoy a drink (or two or three), if done moderately. Key word: “moderate.” Binge drinkers need not apply. Yes, you can still breastfeed your baby and drink your drank. Here’s some questions to ask yourself when you choose to drink while breastfeeding:

What does “moderate” mean to me? Many experts recommend against drinking more than 1-2 drinks per week. Moderate means differently to different people but you should know what “shit-faced” looks like for yourself and just don’t go there. I choose to drink only on special occasions and 2 drinks (small glass of wine or a beer) is plenty for me. Toto, we’re not in college anymore.

Do I need to pump? Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to ‘pump and dump’ to eliminate your so-called “tainted” breast milk. You can still nurse from the breast after consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. It all depends on your alcohol level and the amount of passing time. Personally, I only drink on occasion like date night and have pumped milk to according to the time I’m away from the baby. No one wants to fiddle with a breast pump after a drink or two anyway.

When was the last feed? If you do want to enjoy a beer, wine, or a cocktail, then it’s best to enjoy it immediately after or as close as possible to the last feed. Personally, I would not drink if I was still in the ’round-the-clock newborn nursing stage because … ’round the clock and the likelihood that you’d need to nurse is more frequent than the speed of elimination from your blood alcohol content. According to La Leche League’s FAQ on alcohol, it passes freely into breast milk and peaks “about 30 to 60 minutes after consumption, 60 to 90 minutes when taken with food.”

Where the food at? Snacks? Did someone say snacks? We all know how “hangry” we get while breastfeeding so this is clearly a given. Consuming food with alcohol decreases its absorption into your bloodstream so this is really important for both your Hulk hunger and alcohol tolerance.

How many drinks have I had? You know your body the best so if you know that you’ll be shit-faced after three glasses of wine then please be mindful to reach that limit. If you don’t think you know your body well, maybe consider waiting to consume alcohol until your child is older since older babies metabolize it faster than smaller babies. There is absolutely no harm in just one drink after a long day at home. Shit, nowadays one drink is is enough to forget about the day’s pee on the floor and Cheerios in my bed.

Can I manually operate a forklift? In general, if you’re sober enough to drive, you’re sober enough to breastfeed. If you feel “neurologically normal,” you can breastfeed after an ample amount of time has passed. If this is the case then I wouldn’t recommend actually testing out your nearest CAT diesel machine for a quickie sobriety test.

So, plan ahead and be mindful of the consequences (co-sleepers, I’m looking at you) so you can enjoy your favorite drink. As with all else in life and especially parenthood, moderation is your best friend. It isn’t fair to make breastfeeding any more restrictive than it already is. Something I consider is how the the risks outweigh the “benefits.” If I foresee a situation where it compromises feeding my child then it’s not even a consideration. Breastfeeding is a short amount of time and I can have all the Jell-O shots in the world once I’m done breastfeeding. Sometimes the pumping, the time apart, and the headache is not worth it as much as my children are.

*This does not replace professional and medical advice regarding breastfeeding and alcohol. I’m just here to let you know I’m a breastfeeding (and bed-sharing) mom that had a couple drinks that one time and lived to tell about it. Check my next post for tips on how to prevent hangovers.*

How do you deal with breastfeeding and alcohol?

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