Wordless Wednesday – One Year Shotgun-Wedding Anniversary

We met on Halloween 2008 in college. We moved in together summer 2010 and I became pregnant that same week. I know it’s not very traditional Lao of me but yes, I had a shotgun wedding three months later. Our wedding date was September 25th, 2010 and it was a very quiet and intimate ceremony consisting of family and close friends. It screamed non-traditional right down to having cupcakes rather than a cake, a candy buffet and (gasp!) a pink dress. It wouldn’t have been very fitting to wear white when with child! It was the second-to-last weekend of nice weather for that year! It was planned in four weeks time and was so short notice that my future in-laws could not attend as they were living in North Carolina at that time. Here’s an ode to one year of being blissfully civilly wed. 😀


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – One Year Shotgun-Wedding Anniversary

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