How Much That Nudie Pic Actually Cost Me In My Marriage

The sequence of events after sending out a nudie picture to your husband is pretty predictable. I will spare you the deets of such generosity from my wife spontaneity but it starts the same: send pic, husband receives it, both wiggle eyebrows, vow to hump at next sighting. The following will then be one or both forget about it and sexy time happens at most random irrelevant time, if at all. Feeling struck with a bit of constructive criticism, I took the liberty of texting my husband at work to see if my blog post titled “3 Mistakes To Make To Not Get Laid By Your Wife” offended him in any way and if it did, I would gladly remove it even after the lively discussion here and on Instagram. Surprisingly he had yet to read it so my premature half-apology piqued his interest. I waited for that iMessage bubble pending his response but already knew how he would react. After all he’s my husband and it was just as I expected.

cooter cash

We don’t play.

How have you bartered sex with your partner? Have your own version of Cooter Ca$h?

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